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25 Industrious news bits challenge YOU to connect the dots

It’s not so much in the collecting of the dots as it is in the connecting a link to your business that matters. Just last week one of my favorites, the best selling business author, Seth Godin wrote “Connecting dots, solving the problem that hasn't been solved before, seeing the pattern before it is made obvious, is more essential than ever before. Why then, do we spend so much time collecting dot...
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Lip service, nosebleeds and value propositions

Why do we find it so hard to walk the talk when it comes to the importance of human capital? No one argues the importance of people to our businesses. CEOs famously assert in their public relations efforts “people are our most important asset.” And in survey after survey we hear various leaders, for small and larger operations alike, recount the importance of good people and the relationship of hu...
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Four new takeaways from the Bastard

Snapshots of recent posts designed to save you time Knowledge and knowhow help us navigate a complex world. But information is useless if we don’t have time to consume it. Here’s the solution. Each quarter the Bastard will publish a summary of the last three or four blog posts designed for quick consumption. Short. To the point, and each with a new takeaway. Now you’re feeling industrious. 1. “Sti...
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21 News bites offer insight and direction

Once again, action precedes clarity  What can one glean from a collection of seemingly unrelated news bites? Perhaps the better questions are: What’s important enough and what is motivating enough to influence our thoughts and future actions anyway? You can’t make sense of someone, or some thing, without effort and some engagement. You have to take action. Get it from Karl E. Weick, organizational...
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Get more out of your people to succeed

3 qualities to look for in your next hire Some believe that small business owners should constantly be looking for great employees—even when they’re not necessarily hiring. It’s a good point. We rely on our people, and we often sell our businesses on the very quality of our people. So when you think about building up your team or improving your bench you definitely want to hire the best candidate...
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