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Month: August 2011

Lessons from the state of the art

Inspiration from the making of Apple products. We can learn a lot from Apple. We would all do well to take a close look at how this company has been changing the game of making and delivering successful products to the marketplace over and over again. From idea to supply chain, no one’s doing it any better than Apple. I’d be asking myself, when was the last time WE acted on a creative idea? And, “...
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Join the gang on LinkedIn; they’ve waited, patiently

Any coatings professional would do well to consider the potential of LinkedIn to secure a spot in the marketplace of an unpredictable future. The critical word here is “potential” because LinkedIn seems to conceal plenty of it. The all-business-social-network hasn’t caught on fire yet but I think it will, and that’s my point. You need not feel left behind because you haven’t joined LinkedIn; a...
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Job opening: must be committed.

Reconsider what it means to be a leader  “For the first time ever, everyone in an organization—not just the boss—is expected to lead.” The rigorous demands of business and the marketplace create more and more opportunities and positions for leaders of all kinds. In turn, “the marketplace is rewarding organizations and individuals who change things and create remarkable products and services.”  If ...
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