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Find hidden value in trade shows like ECOAT 2010

How to do it differently and develop a competitive mindset. Attending trade shows and conferences can be good for your business health but they also have the potential to give you a rare look at your own business in a different light. To grow in an ever more crowded environment, you must look for opportunity in ways your competitors aren’t—trade shows are a great place to practice. If you a...
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Move prospects to preference—a best practice for conversion

Focus your limited sales and marketing resources on the primary objective Do you know where your next customer will come from? By understanding what stage in the buying process your audience occupies at any given time you can convert more of them to customers more efficiently. This is market segmentation 101. A primer for any industrial business offering niche products and services including meta...
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Stop focusing on the problems

Give opportunity a good long look. What are you seeing these days when you pause from the daily grind and gaze out the window? If you see an imaginably dazzling moment that’s beginning to appear from the remaining haze of the “great recession,” pat yourself on the back—you are among the very few who possess such promising insight. I contend that if you act on your instincts (at this particular ...
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Protecting “Our People” Assets in Times Like These

Three easy steps you can take right now. What’s new? We are all working harder so it’s so easy to forget how it might look from your employee’s perspective. Given the economy as it is has been, they understand the freeze on raises and bonuses, but from their line of site the empty offices, workstations, a few idle tools and perhaps some workmates gone missing–people are not only overburdened, t...
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