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Month: June 2011

Two reasons why “change” will force you to get connected

In my last post I talked about the ever-increasing complexity that seems to creep into our lives and our businesses. But there’s one common thread that runs thru all of it. Take note of it if you haven’t already. Most of the “change” is due to the increase in the flow of information we now have at our disposal. I am here to tell you that the flip side of the increasing volume and complexity of...
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Lessons from a successful dictator/CEO.

“If you don’t ask, you’ll never get ” and 39 other tips. There’s one very positive trend in the economy right now. The number of small business bankruptcy filings has been dropping an average of 19 percent* year-over-year since the floor fell out from beneath us in 2008. Sure, there are fewer startups but I have a hunch that we’re getting smarter if not more careful about how we run our industrial...
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