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Getting Clear on Conversion and Polyurethane Finishes

Manufacturers who use wood coatings have more and more options available to them when it comes to their finishing lines, and the best choice for their business isn’t always clear. Letting just one or two factors determine the direction you go can be hasty, a lesson that rings true when decision makers are considering whether to use a conversion varnish or a polyurethane. To help us take a close...
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2016 Trends Kitchen & Bath Cabinetry

“Over 90 percent of the consumer’s initial assessment of your product quality is related to its color and appearance, so having the right color and right finish is extremely important.” — Angela Simone, Director of Global Color Marketing, AcromaPro Get this year’s top colors. When consumers ask for it, you’ll be ready. 2016 WOOD TRENDS Trends with OEM customers include minimalist, Europ...
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Get the Antimicrobial Advantage

In high-traffic environments where conditions are ripe for the growth of microbes, businesses have to take extra precautions. But lately, forward-thinking business leaders are taking similar precautions not just to protect themselves against risk, but also to differentiate themselves in their marketplace. Antimicrobial additives can be used in many types of coatings to fight the growth of poten...
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2015 Trends: Color & Cabinetry

Get this year’s top design styles, with a focus on wood. When consumers start asking for it, you will be ready. (Download a PDF of the trends here.)  2015 COLOR OF THE YEAR: CORAL Coral Reef, a vivacious hue, is AcromaPro’s Color of the Year 2015. Upbeat and optimistic, Coral Reef celebrates a time for renewal and is the perfect mélange of pink, orange and red that can be used to liven up any sp...
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Shades of Gray in Cabinetry Finishes

Consumers, retailers and manufacturers ask for it often, but there is a lot of gray area when it comes to getting a gray finish right. The trend shows up primarily in the residential cabinetry industry, and it’s been going strong for about four years. A more opaque driftwood look was first on the scene, where applying a gray glaze and pigment often got the job done. But during the last 18 m...
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Nucraft’s Global Business Has a Local Partner

Since its founding in 1944, Nucraft in Comstock Park, Mich., has worked with customers to create inspiring conference rooms, private offices, reception areas, and training spaces. Accessa Coatings Solutions works closely with the Nucraft team to provide them the expertise, service and wood coatings products they need to do great work. Enjoy our latest video case study. To view more, visit o...
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Troubleshooting 4 Common Coatings Issues

Some people seem like they are just asking for trouble. The way they act, talk and live suggests that they welcome the next disaster. Part of my job is to make sure my customers aren’t asking for trouble when it comes to their industrial coatings. I have been involved in the industrial coatings industry, in one form or another, for well over 30 years. During this time, I’ve troubleshot a lot of...
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Forecasting 2015 Manufacturing Costs for Coatings Industry

People who seem to make the smartest long-term buying decisions in the coatings industry and basic materials industry aren’t lucky or smarter than everyone else. They are more likely diligent forecasters in tune with the market and how it’s affecting costs. STABILITY FOR NOW Right now, and in particularly in the last 12-24 months, manufacturing costs and related costs have stabilized somewhat in...
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Distressed Furniture Painting in High Demand and Cost

By Les Yoder, Account Executive Getting furniture to look like it has been passed down for generations with distressed furniture painting  has become a full-time profession for some people in the wood industry. Paint manufacturers such as Becker Acroma have even gone as far as setting up dedicated paint labs with teams working to find new techniques to make the new look old.  With websites ...
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4 Considerations to Determine the Best Coating Solution

By Vince Todd, Sales Director Choosing a coating solution that doesn’t perform well for a specific application can lead to costly mistakes. This is why it is important to understand how and in what type of conditions the end product will need to perform. To determine the right coating solution for a specific job, these are the four big factors that must be considered: Will the end product b...
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