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Month: February 2012

Get more out of your people to succeed

3 qualities to look for in your next hire Some believe that small business owners should constantly be looking for great employees—even when they’re not necessarily hiring. It’s a good point. We rely on our people, and we often sell our businesses on the very quality of our people. So when you think about building up your team or improving your bench you definitely want to hire the best candidate...
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Several trends point to a colorful near-future

Manufacturing is on the uptick and it bodes well for the coatings industry. But what comes next, consumer confidence or a measurable rebound in the economy? I see the manufacturing landscape like a rumbling volcano—an undeniable presence but no one knows exactly what to expect or when to expect it. Look to the news and you see a straining industry expected to fill the air, the pages and the...
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What’s in a hit solution?

Create your own answer, but say it with feeling.  Solution selling is a legitimate sales methodology. In this approach, rather than just pushing a product, the salesperson focuses on customer pain and then addresses the problem with his product or service offerings. From the salesperson’s perspective the tacit resolution is enough to constitute a “solution.” But not all customers buy to address a ...
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