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Quality Assurance? Call me crazy

With some companies, recording customer phone calls is common practice. Under the guise of “quality improvement,” or Quality Assurance, you can expect a utility or an insurance company to offer you the fair and familiar warning. “This call might be monitored or recorded for quality assurance purposes ….” Something like that. I’m never really sure. All they said was it “might” be recorded. I must s...
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A Few Words on Workflow for Coating Finishers Big and Small

For coating finishers, finishing has everything to do with workflow; it’s the most promising path to perfection and effectiveness. Your stuff must be produced fast and smart. It requires teamwork, efficiency and effectiveness. And it’s the effectiveness you produce that earns success. Your efficiency is merely the “how,” which, if you think about it, is precisely what everyone else must do. So ...
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Primers Form Foundation for Success

Galileo, one of history’s most famous scientists, conducted one of his legendary experiments in Italy—at the Tower of Pisa (aka “Leaning Tower of Pisa”). There, as the story goes, using the convenience of the overreaching balconies, he proved that gravity was undiscerning and would pull any object of the same air resistance to the ground at the same rate, no matter the weight of the object. A ...
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Shift Your 2014 Perspective With Best-of-Breed Business Podcast

There’s promise for economic improvement in the coming year. Your sales team had better be ready because customers have learned a few things in this new economy. Values and priorities are shifting, so if you’re not also honing your game, learning more about how to address your customers’ problems, you’re likely to fall from favor. Meaningful relationships are difficult to impossible to forge w...
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