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Getting Clear on Conversion and Polyurethane Finishes

Manufacturers who use wood coatings have more and more options available to them when it comes to their finishing lines, and the best choice for their business isn’t always clear. Letting just one or two factors determine the direction you go can be hasty, a lesson that rings true when decision makers are considering whether to use a conversion varnish or a polyurethane. To help us take a close...
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Considering Steel Pretreatment

There is much more than meets the eye when it comes to painting manufactured steel goods. To get the most durable finish possible, a pretreatment process for metals such as steel is essential. Pretreatment is simply the process by which you clean and prepare a metal, such as steel, aluminum or brass, and it’s used in a multitude of industries, including automotive, appliance, construction, electri...
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Raise Your Hand if You Hate Fisheyes

If a metal substrate isn’t completely clean when you apply paint, fisheyes can rear their ugly and costly heads. Unfortunately, most people who have ever been involved in metal coating know how disastrous fisheyes can be. These imperfections appear as craters on the paint surface. If no one catches fisheyes in time, you can easily run an entire shift with serious consequences. If you’re in t...
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25 Industrious news bits challenge YOU to connect the dots

It’s not so much in the collecting of the dots as it is in the connecting a link to your business that matters. Just last week one of my favorites, the best selling business author, Seth Godin wrote “Connecting dots, solving the problem that hasn't been solved before, seeing the pattern before it is made obvious, is more essential than ever before. Why then, do we spend so much time collecting dot...
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Lubrication and predictive maintenance

A game to win Recently, billionaire and technology magnate, Bill Gates, subjected himself to an open game of chess with the newly crowned world champion (23-year-old Norwegian, Magnus Carlson). Save publicity, I’m not sure what the motive was because Bill was greased in exactly 1 minute, 20 seconds—after just nine moves of chess. Always the pragmatic, Gates told the audience during the first coupl...
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From compliance to machinist mantras, four takeaways

Quips of recent posts save you time; enlarge your head Want to feel industrious? Here’s fresh insight for your business. Summaries of our last four posts optimized for faster reading. You decide if you need more. There’s a link after each one that will take you to the original story. 1. EPA gives way to EMS Born in the wake of elevated concern about environmental pollution, the EPA was established...
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Three ways to profit by working it smart

Improve margins; increase machining performance Effort is money and in that regard, for a large segment of metalworkers, things can seem like they’re all conspiring against you. If your business is cutting, milling, turning, grinding or drilling metals you know the devil is in the details—often at a microscopic level. Yet to remain competitive, your business must run the gamut from maintaining you...
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Adhesives answer the call

Stronger, thinner, lighter and quieter sub-assemblies The value and importance of adhesives in manufactured goods has been steadily trending for over a decade. That’s because the number of advantages are mounting given the demands of the marketplace. This seems to be of particular importance to the automotive and aerospace industries where I think you will see this trend sharpen in the next five t...
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