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Month: November 2011

Try this basic listings grader. You will be surprised.

If they can’t find you, you won’t get the order. Many of us make the assumption that search services like Google will somehow append your address from your website or maybe your Hoovers or yellow page business listing. They do not. So every time someone does a search for you or your services, the track is set for hurdles. Your prospect finds you only because Google, Bing or Yahoo is bent on provid...
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Create the strategic relationship—not the sale

Good sales people are constantly building relationships and looking for new ones—all at the same time. And since most of the work you do for a current relationship is backing up promises—and doing what you said you were going to do—there’s little time left to create new ones. That is unless you’re efficient or “strategic.” To think I used to believe the phrase “strategic sales” was an oxymoron...
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“Social Media Explained”

If you didn’t get it before, you’ll get it now First, let me explain. I have a humorous yet explicit chart to share with you that illustrates how to use social media, once and for all. I didn’t create it but it probably has enough legs to go viral—so I’m just doing my part. In the meantime, see if you don’t agree that Social Media Explained clarifies how to properly use seven of the most popular s...
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New rules offer a real “Material” benefit

If you’ve missed the last few posts, here’s a Cliff’s Notes version to get you caught up and in the know. Cutting-edge sales and marketing insight condensed to spoon-sized portions and pushed out in a “new rules” format. Your head will be spinning. New Rule #1 Want more productivity and happier employees at the same time? Match the personality to the task. Each position in your small bus...
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Buyer’s expectations are changing. Know the first rule before updating your finishings website

Websites tend to be put up and forgotten. I would bet that it’s the pattern and the norm for most supply chain players. There’s a brief moment of uncomfortable intensity to get it done and then, that’s it. It’s back to business as usual and the website is left to fend for itself. Besides, changes and updates to most websites can be very painful and are often expensive. Meanwhile, buyers you do...
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