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Month: April 2012

Four new takeaways from the Bastard

Snapshots of recent posts designed to save you time Knowledge and knowhow help us navigate a complex world. But information is useless if we don’t have time to consume it. Here’s the solution. Each quarter the Bastard will publish a summary of the last three or four blog posts designed for quick consumption. Short. To the point, and each with a new takeaway. Now you’re feeling industrious. 1. “Sti...
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Wisdom in brief, Spring 2012

If you’ve missed the last few posts, here’s a “Cliff’s Notes” style summary that will get you caught up faster than acetone evaporates in the sun. It’s concise business and leadership insight condensed to spoon-sized portions. New Rule #1: Forget the customer and achieve your goals If you want to achieve personal goals and/or working ON the business kind of goals you have to abandon t...
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