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INDIANAPOLIS – ACCESSA Coatings Solutions unveils the Material Insights Blog, www.materialinsightsblog.biz. ACCESSA Coatings Solutions promises customers a better solution. We also know that sometimes you may not even know what the questions are. Material Insights will bring forth ideas from around the business and the industry specifically aimed at helping you break free of the blinders that use...
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Welcome to Material Insights blog!

The right perspective will change your mind. Business owners and managers are expected to be right all of the time. You have to have enough of the right product. You have to offer the product at the right price with the right finish. And, of course, you have to have it all in the right location at the right time. Am I right so far? The problem is this: by constantly holding your business up to s...
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HIT Solutions Releases The Bastard

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEHIT Solutions Releases The Bastard INDIANAPOLIS – HIT Solutions, a distributor of various surface treatment, metal working, and chemical specialty product solutions, launches the Industrious Bastard Blog, www.industriousbastardblog.biz.   The premise of the Industrious Bastard Blog is very simple: in business, it’s all important.  You know well, things ...
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Henkel Listed in “World’s Most Ethical Companies” for Third Time

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEHenkel Listed in “World’s Most Ethical Companies” for Third Time Henkel has been included in the list of the “World’s Most Ethical Companies” for the third year in a row. The ranking prepared by the U.S. Ethisphere Institute recognizes companies from around the globe for their exemplary ethical approach to corporate governance and their commitment to sustain...
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Big innovation idea creates more of less

Profits could be attainable from unimaginable volumes Thinking small in large volumes—the essence of “sachet marketing”—yet never losing brand focus, could open up entirely new markets for many of the worlds B2B (and B2C) manufacturers and service providers. If you can identify customers who are willing but perhaps cash strapped, think micro-loans and contracts, think mini-sizes, mini-volumes, thi...
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Your customers hold the keys to profit squeeze

Use customer insight to grow your business Revisit your “grow the business this year list,” if you don’t find “Talk To Our Customers” on that list, add it now—and make it number one. Done right, it will 1) improve efficiencies 2) keep you relevant and 3) help make your business more competitive. Do it straight up because it could affect key decisions you make now that will help lighten the squeeze...
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Welcome to the Industrious Bastard blog!

Insight, whether you like it or not. HIT Solutions is in the business of providing … well, solutions. Some just happen to be liquid. This blog is an ambitious effort for a young business that was established by two brothers in 2008. These boys are a couple of seasoned industry stalwarts grounded by even stronger midwestern values of business ethics, hard work and a thirst for knowledge. The HIT me...
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