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Month: March 2011

7 Lesson package on efficiency and other survival skills.

New source for inspiration and wisdom will surprise you. Survival mode is a familiar place for way too many business managers. It’s not a place you want to visit often or want to be in very long. Once in it though, you want nothing more than to be out of the woods in a hurry. But what if reaction speed just isn’t your strong suit. In this post, I introduce a short new book that focuses squarely on...
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Supply better quality at an understandably higher price

Ask your sales team, “What part of our products’ value proposition do you take responsibility for?” It’s a fair question—even if you have to ask yourself. There are two roads, price and value and you have to choose just one. If your coatings company battles over price, you may be standing in the middle of the road where, ultimately, you’re gonna get run over. My recommendation? Step out and ru...
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Get Mojo with mobile links for your business.

Here’s the medium, what’s your message? “New rule: If you want to grow, you need to find customers who are willing to join you or believe in you or donate to you or support you. And guess what? The only customers willing to do that are looking for something new. The growth comes from change and light and noise [aka, Mojo].” I borrow that passage from “TRIBES,” a book by the most popular business b...
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