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Month: October 2010

Put your coatings business on the road. Five practical steps

Do you want to ratchet up your sales? Increase potential new business opportunities? Build your network? Explore new vertical markets? Consider event marketing. Take your company on a road trip and explore new territory. Forget “visitor,” you can become a trade show exhibitor—think of the badge upgrade. Imagine your logo on that big vinyl banner. Seriously, trade shows mean business and this k...
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Engage your peers with words of wisdom

Industry jargon barely scratches the surface No one is more comfortable creating jargon and buzzwords than industry. (So many examples … I’ll spare you the list.) So then why hasn’t industry developed its own terminology for Internet media marketing strategies, social networks and the like? The lack of industry specific terms could be an indication for the level of our acceptance and adoption in t...
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Customer perspective offers direction to more valuable coating solutions

Seize a ship of fools and commandeer a slight shift in your sales process. The maneuver could help you attract more business and build longer-lasting relationships. Adopt a more analytical approach with your customers. Aim for proposing solutions that better connect to your customer’s real needs and thus their very present reality. To do this, examine what you’re doing: do you spend more time with...
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Call to industry: Engage in the revolution

Bastard series finale: “Plan social media strategies like any other major initiative” The Bastard has written thousands of words on the subject of social media in the past few months. I packaged them in a neat “seven-step argument for taking care in adopting a social media program.” With so much buzz around the topic, I believed that the most valuable intelligence carefully explored only the most ...
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