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Month: August 2010

Change your view of the market to achieve success

You’ve probably developed a low tolerance for reading much more on the topic of Branding. You’ve been there; done that. I know, it seems like enough’s enough. Besides, you’ve got a business to run and there’s little time to mess around. On the other hand, I happen to believe branding is extremely important to your business. In fact, more important to business and industry than it is to consumer ma...
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Six tips: how to spend less money at trade shows

Say less and stand out more from the crowd Planning to attend a trade show or two in the coming seasons? Shows and conferences can be good for business and employee morale. Keep in mind attendance is expensive only when you don’t accomplish your mission. And if part of your agenda includes meeting new prospects and looking for new business, here are six tips to help you bring it home safely. It do...
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What’s missing in news of recent change in formaldehyde emissions standards?

Here’s a message for all coatings businesses: Get out of your box and rise above any type of legislation that forces you to do things differently. Instead, feel the gravity—see only opportunity. Ask yourselves, what can we do with this one? We’re all so busy with the minutia of keeping our businesses going. Then, when industry news breaks, it always focuses on “what you gotta do now.” So we...
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