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Accessa Corporation Expands Brand Name

Move poised to help Indianapolis-based coatings and chemicals provider innovate for evolving market

INDIANAPOLIS — Effective Jan. 4, 2016, Accessa Coatings Solutions and HIT Solutions will come together under the parent company name Accessa Corporation. Accessa Coatings Solutions will retain its name, and HIT Solutions will become Accessa Chemical Solutions. The businesses will remain separate business entities.

“Establishing Accessa as a parent company name with multiple divisions — ‘chemical solutions’ and ‘coatings solutions’ — positions us to more easily pivot to meet customers’ needs. As Accessa, we will continue to evolve and innovate, building complementary product and service offerings as the marketplace changes,” says Vince Todd, Jr., vice president of Accessa.

With six locations across the Midwest, Accessa will capitalize on Accessa Coatings Solutions’ strong brand recognition to boost its metalworking and pretreatment chemicals business. This new structure also sets up Accessa to be viewed as more of a one-stop shop for customers.

Since 2008, HIT Solutions has worked to become its customers’ No. 1 source for high-quality surface treatment, metalworking and chemical specialty products. As Accessa Chemical Solutions, the Accessa division will continue to provide the same outstanding products and service. The HIT Solutions name and logo will be phased out during Q1 2016.


Tailoring expert services and delivering superior products since 1979, Accessa is centered on customers’ needs to improve their products and their bottom lines. Through Accessa, all of our customers, large and small, have access to products that perform to the highest standards, and an industry-leading brain trust of knowledge, experience, creativity and know-how. Based in Indianapolis, Accessa commits itself to maintaining a service-first attitude and partnering with pioneers in research and development of innovative coatings and chemicals. Visit accessa.com or call 800-593-0126.

Accessa Coatings SolutionsAccessa_CoatingsSolutions-01

From contractor startups to large-scale industrial customers, Accessa Coatings Solutions strives to be an incomparable coatings solutions source for every client. In addition to providing top-performing coatings, our team assists with OEM coatings systems optimization, environmental compliance issues, formula engineering and product development.

Accessa Chemical SolutionsAccessa_ChemicalSolutions-01

Accessa Chemical Solutions’ mission is to be the preferred logistics provider of value-added services and quality adhesive, surface treatment, metalworking, and chemical specialty products.

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